What are the activities of the Marijn foundation?

wat doet marijn2017The Marijn foundation raises funds and publishes information about the projects carried out by the team members of the FundaciĆ³n Marijn in Bilwi. Bilwi is a small town on the Caribbean coast of the Latin American country Nicaragua. This multi-cultural region is isolated from the rest of the country: the national government pay no attention to health care, education or the legal system in this area, which suffers from high unemployment. The majority of children do not finish high school, because of lack of motivation and lack of funding. The Marijn foundation is convinced that these children will be able to have a better future provided they receive individual attention and proper supervision. To achieve this, the foundation carries out the following educational programmes, among other things:

Bibliotheca Publica Marijn: the only public library in town. Children can do their homework here, they learn to read better, and they can express their feelings to the team members.

Adelante! (Forwards!): sponsoring programme for children. Circa 80 vulnerable children will be supervised at home, at school and in the FundaciĆ³n Marijn centre, to help them finish school, to become more independent and to have a future perspective on life.

Girl Power: in five weeks' time, a total of 325 girls between 11-18 years are trained to defend themselves against violence against women and girls.


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