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Plans for the future

toekomstplannen2017Over the last few years, the Fundación Marijn has grown substantially and they have been able to build their own centre. In this multi-functional centre various programmes are on offer. A large open space is used for the Adelante Programme. We have deliberately chosen not to build closed rooms, as they are too hot. This way we also clearly demarcate a difference between school and the Fundación. In addition, there are a library with reading room and computer area, a large conference hall, a spacious kitchen and living area for volunteers. There are toilets for children and adults, as well as an office space for team members.

The planning for 2014 concerns the third construction stage of this multi-functional building. We intend to build a cultural podium on the site of the Fundación. This podium will be used for dance, song, music and theatre performances. In addition, films and documentaries will be shown to the public. It will be the very first venue of its kind in Bilwi. It will be a podium where new talents can present themselves to the public. Drawing plans and a financial estimate of the required budget for the extension have already been made. On the floor above the podium a number of small offices are projected. These spaces will be used by administrative staff and as private rooms for individual discussions.

Fundación Marijn is working very hard to fund a large part of these activities by their own efforts, by generating their own revenues. The conference hall is often rented to local organization for meetings and workshops. These organizations often order lunches and small meals that are prepared in the kitchen of the Fundación by family members of the children that participate in the programmes. The Fundación rents furniture for parties; English classes are held and stationary is sold in the library. And a group of young women learns to produce handicraft; they profit from the sales and it also covers the expenses of the Fundación Marijn.

Would you like to help us?
Generating revenues will result in greater independence for the Marijn foundation in the coming years. In order to actually realize this and at the same time to be able to continue our educational activities, we need support. Your support is extremely welcome! Here you can read how you can support the work carried out by the Marijn foundation.